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Pro Level Training & Nutrition

Whether you’re a pro athlete or just looking to get in better shape, there are no shortcuts to getting to your goals. There are some things that will be essential for anyone:

  • Smart goal setting
  • Using the right program
  • Executing the program safely & with quality technique
  • Setting the right plan & targets for nutrition
  • Progressing over time as we adapt
  • Staying dedicated & accountable
  • Getting back on track if and when we fall off


Hard work is great, but if we really want the best result we need all these things in place & grinding it out on your own might not cut it – especially with a huge amount of dangerous misinformation out there about diet & fitness.

That’s where I come in. I take the guesswork out, build you a custom plan to fit your goals, time & lifestyle, and work as your training partner to keep you on track every step of the way.

If you’re tired of cookie cutter workouts, falling of track, and not knowing how to get to your goals, I can help you get there in a way that’s last, efficient & fun.

Lose Fat
If you're looking to trim down & get toned, I can take you through a tried and true, scientifically backed process to lose fat and keep it off for good
Gain Muscle
Getting bigger and stronger is more complicated than just showing up & going hard. I'll put together a carefully structured, continually progressing program to break through your plateaus and get you bigger and stronger
Leave behind the old training methods that leave you feeling drained & burned out. No matter what your goal, I'll help you not just look better, but move and feel better too


Here are just a few of the clients I’ve worked with in the past, and what they had to say about working with me.

Awesome experience with Tom. Motivation is back in droves Looking better and feeling more motivated than ever before. He took time to create a plan that fit my needs, level and goals, and has taken time to check in adjust, and support every step of the way. Couldn't recommend him enough!
John Schild
This guy knows his stuff! Following Tom’s plan lost 8kgs of fat ready for my wedding. While losing fat was great, the fact that I didn’t have to do hours of cardio and could eat pretty much all the foods I wanted to eat was even better.
Lina Hemphill
Tom is not only a killer coach but he actual cares about his clients and wants them to succeed in whatever they are looking for!
David Lewin
Down to my target weight just following the steps you told me to and I haven't starved myself or anything - feeling healthy! Thanks a lot bro, I couldn't have done it without you!
Atilla Rezvan

Included with all 1-21 training

The Coaching Package

If you want to reach your goals you have to understand your starting point. I’ll provide an in depth assessment of your goals, physiology & technique to make sure you’re on th right track from the start

Your body, preferences and goals are your own, and deserve to be treated that way. I’ll create a completely custom program for you, structured to progress you to exactly where you want to be

Once we have a plan in place I’ll be there to guide your through it, support you, help you with technique, and adjust your program as and when it’s needed. No confusion, no guesswork, no going it alone.

You’ll get access to a proprietary online platform to track your workouts, nutrition and progress, with regular support and accountability checkins to keep you on track

Included For All Clients


Bonuses included with 1-2-1 coaching

Nutrition Planning

Customised nutrition targets, regularly updated to fit your needs and progress

Accountability Tracking

Regular accountability checks to keep you on track

Online Platform

Access to a custom online platform to give you a full overview of your program and progress

Video Resources

You'll have custom guide and demo videos available through the online platforms

Custom Support Materials

Along with the video resources already in place, you'll get regular updates with text and video resources designed to help you and answer any questions you have

24/7 Help

You'll have 24 hour text access to me to help with any issues as needed

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Results At All Levels

I’m proud to work with people from all walks of life, from beginner to professional. Whether you have never trained before or do it for a living, I can help


Professional MMA Fighter
"Tom helped me go from nearly 77kg down to walking around at a comfortable 68kg. This was never weight I thought I could make but now I can stay there stress free."


Husband & Therapist
If you're looking to elevate your results from working out, Tom is your guy! Tom has been very encouraging and motivating throughout my program, and has an amazing depth of knowledge of nutrition. He has helped truly transform how I approach and understand training & nutrition. I have lost 5kg since I finished and my goal to have a leaner physique was truly accomplished. I have been truly shocked at how effective working with Tom was.


Student & Amateur Fighter
I have seen substantial improvements in my strength, cardio and technique ever since I trained with Tom. My pts with Tom have enabled me to have longer endurance in training and in competition. The exercises Tom has given me help me to regain my breath back, and makes my recovery time much shorter than before. I can also lift heavy weights and this has helped me massively. Overall I am a much more stronger, happier and more confident.

How It Works

It’s super important that we’re on the same page right from the start. I use a frictionless onboarding process, designed to get us both clear on your goals, your program, and whether my style is a good fit for you.

1 - Intro Call

If you click the “Book A Call” button at the top, you can book up an intro call with me. We’ll go through your past experience with training and nutrition (if any), where you are right now, where you want to be and how we can get you there.

2 - Free 1st Session

Next, we’ll meet for a free initial taster session. We’ll run through some assessments, movements and exercises – giving you a chance to see if my coaching style is a good fit for you, and giving me the information I need to write your custom program

3 - Program Design & Setup

If you decide to go forward and get started, I’ll use the information from the first session to set up your custom program. This will include training, nutrition, accountability and recovery – everything you’ll need to hit your goals. I’ll walk you through the plan too, so you understand exactly what we’ll be doing and why.

4 - Long Term Progress

Once your program is done – we’re on to the exciting part! I’ll work with you, session by session, week by week, guiding your training and ensuring you’re progressing as planned. I’ll be there to keep you on track, help course correct if anything goes wrong, and make sure you not only get the body you want, but keep it!

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